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28-Sep-2017 - 2018 World Masters Barcelona venue and details - powerpoint
  - 2018 World Masters Qualifying Standard Chart
7-Aug-2017 - 2018 World Masters Barcelona venue and details - pdf
1-May-2017 - World Masters Games Final Results
21-Apr-2017 - World Masters Webcast
2-Apr-2017 - World Masters Games Preliminary Schedule
  - World Masters Games Preliminary Start List - Men
  - World Masters Games Preliminary Start List - Women
  - World Masters Games Training Facilities
12-Feb-2017 - 2016 IWF-Masters Rulebook
  - 2017 World Masters Games Sports Information Guide
29-Dec-2016 - 2016 World Masters Results - updated
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26-Sep-2016 - Live Stream of World Masters Championship
7-Sep-2016 - 2016 Women's Meeting
  - 2015 Women's Meeting Minutes
  - 2016 Hall of Fame Meeting
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5-Aug-2016 - World Masters Competition Start List
26-July-2016 - World Masters Competition Schedule
21-July-2016 - HEINSHEIM
  - More than 900 entries.
  - The Technical Conference will be 12 noon on Friday the 30th September.
  - The opening ceremony will follow shortly after the Tech. Conf.
  - The weightlifting will start with M80 (45 competitors in total) with the first weigh-in at 4 pm.
  - The Competition Schedule will be produced by early next week and none of the above will be fact until the schedule is complete and approved.
  - Will those USA Masters who are TO’s please bring their uniforms and put their names forward to officiate a number of sessions. They can contact and inform the Secretariat, Denise Offerman.
14-February-2016 - Антидопинговое образование для мастеров спортсменов
        (Anti-Doping education for masters athletes)
29-January-2016 - 2016 World Masters Championship Entry Form
22-January-2016 - Anti-Doping information
21-January-2016 - 2016 World Masters Championship Web Site
11-January-2016 - IWF-Masters AntiDoping Declaration Form
  - AntiDoping Education Leaflet